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Why there is a gender pay gap in the medical field

According to a survey of female physicians conducted by Merritt Hawkins, 74% said that their male colleagues made more than they did. They believe this to be true even after accounting for the number of hours worked and a given medical professional's area of expertise. According to 76% of respondents, unconscious discrimination on the part of their employers is to blame. Of those who said that they earned less than their male colleagues, most said that they had a lower base salary.

Employment law protections for workers in New York

When lawmakers in New York passed the state's Human Rights Law, they extended workplace protections provided by the Civil Rights Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. While workers across the United States are protected against harassment or discrimination in the workplace based on their gender, age, race, religion or national origin, employees in the Empire State are also protected against unfair treatment based on such factors as their criminal arrest record, military status, sexual orientation, marriage status and domestic violence victim status.

Workers experience extensive racism in the workplace

According to a recent study about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, a third of employed adults in New York and other states have personally experienced or witnessed racism in the workplace. Large companies have advertised their efforts to improve this problem over the past decade, but more than half of corporate employees still say that their employers can do more to reduce discrimination.

Overtime pay in New York

When you accept a job with a company in New York, there are a few different ways that you might be paid for your work. Some people have jobs that earn them money in the form of commission. These people are generally in sales positions. Other employees might receive a set amount of money each pay period regardless of the number of hours that they work or are expected to work. These people are often referred to as salaried employees.

What is labor trafficking?

Employees in New York and elsewhere are federally protected against labor practices that can harm and exploit them. You may have heard about the problem of sex trafficking, but labor trafficking may be a new term to you. Unfortunately, this form of modern-day slavery is prevalent throughout the U.S., especially among undocumented immigrants.

New law protects people from hair-based discrimination

For many decades now, there have been laws in place designed to provide protection for workers against being harassed or discriminated against. Some of these laws are federal and govern the entire country while others are specific to an individual state. New York State has recently taken another step forward in its effort to proactively guard against discriminatory behaviors in the workplace with a new law that takes effect immediately.

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