Unpaid Wages And Overtime Claims

Anticipate And Help Prevent Wage And Hour Claims

When it comes to unpaid wages and overtime claims, it is vital to take preemptive measures to protect your business. Many businesses are unaware that salaried employees may still be entitled to overtime when they work more than 40 hours per week. Current law also requires that businesses give employees required wage notices, classify workers correctly, pay the correct amount of wages and overtime and pay appropriate unemployment insurance taxes.

The lawyers at Raff & Becker, LLP help employers anticipate potential wage and overtime issues. We can determine if your business is currently in compliance and provide training to help you remain in compliance with laws and regulations.

We also represent businesses that have been charged with violating wage and hour laws. Legal advice and representation in these matters is of great importance. Even if wage and hour claims are unjustified, they can be very costly and, if the claims are valid, they can have severe consequences for employers.

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