Training And Compliance

Assisting Employers With Human Resources Questions And Problems

It is important to create a productive work environment that avoids workplace disputes and violations, especially so that your business complies with federal, state and local laws. Laws governing the employment relationship can be quite complex and are always changing. The attorneys at Raff & Becker, LLP stay on top of developments in the field and can help you achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in compliance.

Handbooks And Policy Manuals

Our lawyers assist employers in creating and implementing effective company policies and employee handbooks. We also provide training for human resource personnel and supervisors on these policies.

Legal Audits And Investigations

Our lawyers perform legal audits to determine whether current practices could expose the business to liability. We also represent employers in investigations by government agencies over possible employment law violations.

Management And Employee Training

We provide training seminars for employers, managers, supervisors, human resource personnel and employees on how to properly investigate and resolve complaints internally.

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