Defending Employers Against Harassment Lawsuits

Mitigate The Risk That Your Business Will Be Sued For Sexual Harassment

Claims of sexual or other types of harassment can have serious implications and create a work environment where employees no longer feel secure. It is important that investigation into harassment claims be carried out promptly, fairly, and with attention to the rights of the employer and to the workers involved.

Investigations should not be attempted without legal advice. Improper investigations can negatively impact the outcome of a complaint, causing more problems for your business and even cutting off possible avenues of defense. Employers who handle these kinds of claims on their own are frequently accused of being untimely, ineffective and biased, or having engaged in illegal retaliation either during or after the investigation.

Our attorneys can also help your business take preventative measures to avoid harassment claims. We draft sexual harassment policies and train supervisors and human resource personnel on how to avoid hostile work environment claims, as well as how to investigate and respond to sexual harassment claims.

We also resolve harassment disputes through arbitration and mediation, in addition to defending employers who are sued by employees.

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