Independent Contractors And Worker Misclassification

Know Your Rights Regarding Your Employment Classification

Misclassification as an independent contractor when you are really an employee protected under New York’s wage and overtime laws can result in you being denied benefits or overtime pay. Many employees find that they were denied overtime when they worked more than 40 hours per week because their employer wrongfully claimed that they were an “exempt” employee and not entitled to overtime.

Misclassification is a common issue. Your employer may be misclassifying employee statuses and depriving you of wages and benefits such as medical, unemployment, disability or workers’ compensation to which you are entitled either because they do not understand the law or they want to reduce their costs. Some employers mistakenly believe that because an employee is given the title of manager or supervisor that the employee is not entitled to overtime. This is not necessarily correct.

You deserve the benefits you have worked hard for. Our lawyers will help you obtain the wages and benefits you are due from your employer.

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