Harassment at Work

You Do Not Have To Put Up With Harassment In The Workplace

Harassment can take many forms. This can make the process of identifying and stopping harassment difficult. If you feel you have been treated inappropriately, or have been harassed by a co-worker or a supervisor of the same or a different sex, you have a right to complain to your employer or a government agency without being retaliated against or losing your job.

Sexual innuendos and offensive comments, in addition to inappropriate physical contact, need not be tolerated. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal under both federal and New York law. No employee needs to put up with sexual or any other types of harassment at work.

The attorneys at Raff & Becker, LLP understand the stress that you may be feeling and can sensitively and effectively help to handle your case. You are not alone in your situation. Let us help you explore your options and exercise your rights today.

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