Employees are an essential part of our business. While it is never the goal at the time you hire them, all employees will leave.

In some cases, employees leave to pursue another opportunity. At other times, employees are terminated or laid off and will seek unemployment.

When you need to contest an unemployment claim, the hearing will likely be held over the phone. Here are some tips for participating in an unemployment hearing over the telephone.

Know your space

When you plan in-person meetings, you have to think about logistics like physical space for the meeting. Depending on your office, including a telephone element, could make this simpler or more complicated.

Think about where you will take the call and who else needs to be in the room. If multiple people will be listening and participating via speakerphone, make sure the room allows everyone to be as close to the speaker and microphone as they need to be.

If conference calls are not part of your routine, get a colleague to help you test your technology capabilities. Try to find out if there is additional equipment that would make the call easier.

Get organized

Perhaps just as important as the hearing itself, is the time you take to prepare for it beforehand. You do not want to be on the call for the hearing trying to shuffle through papers and get people on the phone at the last minute.

Paperwork is essential, but also make sure any witnesses are available and ready to make their statements. Witnesses could include:

  • Supervisors
  • Co-workers
  • Human resources personnel

In some cases, former staff are awarded unemployment because an essential person was not available to contradict an employee’s false narrative. When you prepare for the call, you are in a better position to justify the denial of an unemployment claim.