New York Employment law is changing significantly in 2020. Last year Governor Cuomo signed legislation that provides new workplace harassment protection to employees which is gradually taking effect throughout the year.

The governor agreed that there has been a persistent problem with sexual harassment, discrimination and assault in workplaces, which is why he decided to change the laws in ways that would be most beneficial to employees.

What does the new legislation do?

The new legislation:

  • Eliminates the restriction that harassment has to be pervasive or severe to be legally actionable
  • Requires all employment contract nondisclosure agreements to have language that specifically allows employees to file harassment or discrimination complaints if necessary
  • Lengthens the state of limitations for sexual harassment complaints to three years
  • Prohibits the use of mandatory arbitration to resolve cases that involve harassment or discrimination in the workplace
  • Requires employers to provide information about the sexual harassment prevention policy in the employee’s primary language as well as English

…and much more. These changes may seem simple, but in reality, they open the door for many employees to take steps to protect themselves when they may not have had a case in the past.

Our website has more information about the regulations in place surrounding harassment in the workplace. 

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