Most people in New York are familiar with the recent success that the women’s United States soccer team has had, winning yet another World Cup. Their success, however, has come despite the fact that they are paid a mere pittance of what their male counterparts earn. This is allowed to happen even though the women’s team has been more successful on the field than the men’s team. Ongoing calls to change this are being heard by New York City’s Mayor and New York State’s Governor.

At a parade celebrating the team, the Governor signed new bills into law that take equal pay rights to a new level in the state of New York. According to a report by the New York Post, the existing equal pay laws will now be expanded to include a broader and more clearly defined set of protected classes, including women. Also part of the legislation signed was a bill that would prevent employers from asking job candidates about their past wage or salary earnings.

The city’s Mayor indicated that if he were to become the U.S. President, he would push Congress to require that men’s and women’s sports teams and male and female athletes are paid equally. He further indicated a willingness to sign an executive order creating this law if Congress did not or would not pass such a law.

Residents in New York have witnessed many steps forward to provide a more even footing in the workplace for all and this is just one of the latest examples.