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Maria T. Guarnieri
As an attorney with over 20 years experience, Maria Guarnieri has effectively represented both employees and employers in various areas of labor and employment law - with a specific emphasis on overtime wage and hour claims, independent contractors and union employees in civil service. Maria has also worked extensively in class actions against government agencies involving complex constitutional and fair hearing issues.

In addition to extensive legal experience, Maria's representation is buttressed by a practical experience of the world of work and of human relations, which allows her to apply real world principles to her legal strategies. And her facility for critically analyzing a prospective client's case, focusing not only upon the strengths of the case but also the potential pitfalls, leads to a deeper understanding of the situation and, therefore, a more effective strategy.

Before working with Raff & Becker, LLP, Maria served as a Law Clerk and Courtroom Deputy for Magistrate Judge Leonard Bernikow in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York. During this time, Maria worked not only in the courtroom at the judge's elbow, but also in the judge's chambers, where she observed firsthand how federal judges evaluate employment and labor law cases, weigh credibility of the parties and of their attorneys and interpret statutory and case law when resolving matters before them. This invaluable experience not only gives Maria's work an enhanced appreciation of the judicial process, but informs her analysis and preparation of the case with an ability to anticipate the how the "trier of fact" - the judge and the jury - will view the merits of our client's case.

Maria graduated summa cum laude from St. John's University (St. Vincent's College) in 1992 and cum laude from Brooklyn Law School in 1996.


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