Cases — For Employees

The firm of Raff & Becker has over forty years of experience in representing clients before administrative agencies, state and federal trial courts, and appellate courts and have represented numerous individual clients as well as handled large class actions. Below are just a few examples of some of the cases handled by the firm's attorneys.

Additionally, David Raff has extensive experience serving as a Special Master for federal district court judges.

Class Action Cases

  • The firm achieved a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of 785 workers who were not being paid the prevailing wage while doing construction renovation work for the City's Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
  • Raff & Becker obtained the reopening of 120,000 unemployment cases where claimants were denied a fair hearing by the New York State Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board.

The firm, representing the New York State, New York City and Westchester County chapters of the National Organization for Women, won a ruling in federal court prohibiting the New York State Division of Human Rights from using rules that prevented people from filing discrimination complaints.

Our firm achieved the following on behalf of our clients:


  • Race and gender discrimination and breach of contract: Raff & Becker represented a sales executive for a major publishing company in her discrimination lawsuit and obtained the entire amount of compensation she was seeking, as well as continued employment, in settlement of her lawsuit.
  • Age discrimination: The firm represented an older worker at the New York State Division of Human Rights and obtained an award of $260,000 against her former employer.
  • Perceived disability: The firm obtained a substantial monetary settlement under the New York State Human Rights Law, for a client perceived by the employer to be HIV-infected.
  • Maternity discrimination: Raff & Becker obtained a promotion and a salary increase in an action against a major television network on behalf of an employee who lost her primary job duties upon returning from maternity leave.
  • Race discrimination and defamation: The firm obtained $250,000 for two former employees in a lawsuit against a well-known Manhattan church for falsely accusing them of engaging in criminal behavior.
  • Equal pay discrimination: The firm sued a College that paid a male professor a higher salary than a female professor who was doing the same work. The professor was awarded an increase in salary, which was then doubled because of the employer's illegal conduct. Subsequently, the firm obtained a substantial settlement on behalf of another female professor at a local college for the denying her equal pay for equal work.
  • Sexual orientation and disability discrimination: Raff & Becker obtained a six figure settlement in an action on behalf of a former employee against a prominent New York City real estate management company.
  • National origin discrimination: The firm negotiated a substantial monetary settlement against a major New York City hospital on behalf of a former employee who was allegedly terminated because of poor performance.
  • Sexual harassment and religious and national origin discrimination: The firm obtained a large financial settlement from a New York City Hotel group in favor of a room cleaner who was allegedly sexually harassed and discriminated against based upon her religion and national origin.
  • Sexual harassment: The firm obtained a substantial monetary settlement for a former manager of a nationally known hotel franchise where he alleged he was sexually harassed by his manager and terminated for refusing her advances.
  • Disability discrimination: Raff & Becker obtained reinstatement for a professor at a well-known college who, while suffering from alcoholism and undergoing treatment, was told to hide his disability -- and was then discharged for being under the influence.
  • Retaliation: The firm obtained a lucrative settlement on behalf of an office manager who was fired in retaliation for notifying his employer, a maid service company, that it was committing race-based discrimination against its maids.

Contracts And Severance

  • The firm obtained a $100,000 breach of contract settlement for a former employee of an asset backed securities group of a major investment and brokerage company that refused to pay a bonus in violation of a contract.
  • The firm obtained a favorable a severance package for a former employee of an internationally renowned investment bank.

Wage And Hours

  • The firm obtained substantial back wages from a computer consulting agency that underpaid a computer programmer analyst in violation of the payment terms of the employer's H 1 B application.

Disability Insurance Claims

  • The firm obtained a settlement of $100,000 and a negotiated buy-out of an existing long-term disability insurance policy for $500,000 in an action in Federal court challenging an insurance carrier's denial of the client's application for long-term disability benefits.

Civil Service

  • Raff & Becker represented a client before the New York City Civil Service Commission and obtained a reversal of a medical disqualification imposed by the New York City Department of Sanitation.

Retaliation/Worker Misclassification

  • A company brought a breach of contract claim against our client because she filed for unemployment benefits. The firm counter sued and the company not only dropped its case but ended up paying damages to the client for emotional distress and attorney's fees.